'Sifa B' Documentary Poster

July 2022

Halftone produced a poster advertising the premiere of the documentary 'Sifa B' at Café Berlin. The documentary was produced by Method M Films and directed by Audrey Roloff. The posters were risograph printed at The Riso Room at University of Missouri - Columbia.

Per Method M's marketing material: "Sifa B. follows the life of Sifa Bihomora, a Rwandan musician living in Columbia, Missouri. As time progresses, Sifa experiences imperative transformations in her career, home life, and view of self. Gifted with an electric personality, strong compassion and undying ambition, Sifa spreads positive influence within the small community. The film begins to challenge her friendship with the filmmaker by uncovering each other’s contradictory communication styles, personal needs, and differing socio-historical backgrounds. As she finds herself putting the films needs before her own, Sifa must decide to keep going or stop production all together. Using cinema as a tool, the duo strives to fulfill the balance between them."


Café Berlin